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30/Female fur lover


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Hello everyone my name is Gabby and I am new to the Fur Den. Growing up I didn't really have a second thought about fur until recently when I was introducted to fur by another! It has since taken over my heart and soul. I would love to meet and chat with fellow fur fetish lovers be they male or female. I am calling out to anyone who would enjoy a chat or a new fur friend.




Yahoo ID: bbwfurgoddess

E-mail: [email protected]

or just leave me a message here!

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Welcome Gabby.

I think you will enjoy it here. It is also a place of interesting chat, wit, and people from all sorts of backgrounds and cultures. We even have our own pub for off topic chat.

How dod you get introduced to fur if you don't mind me asking?


Best regards TOS

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A warm fuzzy welcome. Oddly enough, it seems like a lot of people here are male. Something I found very surprising when I learnt about fur-fetishism seeing fur never seems to be seen as a mens thing in public

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