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White Fox

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OK folks, as promised, all of our old stories have now found a home. The French Fur Site has now became French and English. The following is a message from them of your stories coming back into view on the net, and of a bit of new info about their site. Due to the changes described in the Quote, it is no longer considered a pay site by us so we can provide info on it for you.


Here is their message

a century after what I promised to you, the stories are online !!

yes I know it should have been done since a while...

the link to the list is the following : http://www.fourrureclub.com/modules.php?name=Sections&op=listarticles&secid=3


Note that now our site is in French and English, and no more paying access, only free, but just with a special membership system, we ask our new members to send a real photo taken specially for the site (which means not an old photo taken anywhere on the web...) it's kinda funny... we'll see if members approve and find it's a good idea.


There will be a link on our site leading directly to the stories so you can see them there. And you do not need a membership to read them!


Thanks all for being so patient until we got this set up. Now you can see all of your stories plus many more quickly at any time simply by going to our links page.


White Fox


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I found the two stories I had posted! I thought they were lost furever! I'm quite proud of them, "Wally Meets Designing Women" and "The Fur Lesson." I hope others might now have as much fun reading them as I did writing them.


Since writing "Wally" I've learned that the technique I used is called "Fan Fiction", using established characters in new stories and settings. I found it quite easy to write using this technique, because the character development and "backstory" is all taken care of. If you're from the US, you know who Wally is, and many will remember esigning Women" and their episodes that had fur. Just pick your fantasy characters and let your imagination roam!I just wish I had the other 10 chapters, now lost somewhere, that included other TV characters in fursituations.

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