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Russian Brides


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Yes indeed Lanafurs, I'll just stick to looking at the pictures.


Either they want your money or a British (or any Western) passport.


I really would prefer to buy a fur like the lady in question is wearing and do without her.


Saying that I know a man who lives with a Ukranian lady and apparently he is well aware that she is with him because it allows her to live in England - land of milk and honey (I think not)

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I cant agree with what is being implied here as I know lots of Russian girls and its not true.

Many would not even consider coming to the UK for example because its pretty dour and violent these days; though its true they like the idea of a gentleman to take care of them and they him.

I know of three that are all in the most happy three relationships I know.

All are very loving, and caring, and not in the slightest bit interested in passports...they are proud of who they are.

All are beautiful and wear furs by the way!!!!


I wouldnt hesitate if I wasnt in a happy realationship though I am not sure this is the most sensible way of doing it.


One of my friends is 52 and his girlfriend 24 and she adores him!!!

One of the others is 56 and her 50.

Then the third is 40 and she 28.


The first two are three year plus relationships and the third just 6 months,

but all say if it finishes now they are the warmest relationships they have ever been in.

Its significant however that none were from the internet...all from visits without looking for something.


Of course there will be bad ones and scams, but nothing ventured nothing gained.

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Hello everyone and special allfurme,


For a good relation / love is no age described, I have friends with an age difference of more then 20 years! She is the youngest and they are going very very well.


The Furmaster

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My husband was watching a show on TV a few weeks ago. I was just listening to it as background noise. It discussed this very issue. It may have even been 60 minutes. It caught my attention.


My take on it was that Russian women are treated badly by Russian men, so they wanted to leave. The show basically put it on the shoulders of their mothers who had spoiled the men rotten. Now they further stated that this was because so many of the Mothers were Widows from world war II. So, without a husband or father in the family, this made the men emotionally immature.


I have met a few Russian brides in my fur business. They in general, are gracious beautiful women. And, their husband seemed very happy. One thing that they did seem to have in common: they badly missed their homeland.



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Sorry,!! Guys, damn!! I have done this again!!


You get the most interesting topics going and I forget that this main forum should stay on topic with fur!


This Russian Bride topic not related to the fur should be continued under Off-Topic Forum


There is a feature I have as a MOD to actually split a thread. I have never done it before so hopefully it will work.





Here is the link to the original thread:



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Look I was with a 26 year old bloke yesterday and there was a woman in her 60s he was fancying(nothing to do withfur I dont think but the general air of class and sophistication and I must say a very nice mink). He said he'd never seen women like you get at the races, and said he'd have to consider dumping his 24 year old girlf if he could have a crack at her.


I dont know why ther is a problem with age gaps.


Who'd turn down Joan Collins? (72)

With men its even less important (probably as dictated by media etc) look at the amount of young girls who go for johnny Depp and george Clooney, Clint Eastwood, Harrison Ford etc. Its not money or looks that women go for it the ability to protect.


Though I do like that joke "what exactly do you see in the billionaire (insert name)"

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I don't think it was. I believe it was CBS. But, maybe one our members was paying attention and can tell us.


But, I do know what you mean about CNN.


Actually, I think you can add Fox News to that same category. They both are biased from opposite ends of the political spectrum.



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I have dated a few men that were a lot younger than me a few times.


They never had a problem with it. But, I did.


It made me feel old and very vulnerable.



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Sorry, but someone misread my post:


She wouldn't want me because i was too old. My last long time girlfriend was ten years younger than me, so i haven't got an age difference problem.


Someone said that some Russians girl wouldn't want to come to Britain, then they are obviously not after British passports.


I'm really not judging people, just making an observation.

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