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You have been very patient.

You knew she was coming; and you knew where she would go as soon as she got here. I had to wait for herfamedgoodlooks to do "k" ; I knew they are very resourecful.


She is the Queen of smoking; undisputed.

She is also one of the Queens of fur; especially as she has worn that little blue fox jacket to death IRL even in the summer.


But WAIT till you see some of the shots in the Smoking Lounge of Ye Olde Denne Pub. Here is a taster. BEHOLD!!!!:


www.herfamedgoodlooks.com/hfgl/Kate%20M ... erlin5.htm


Doesn't get better than seeing the world's top model in that coat does it?


Oh it does. Believe me it does. ONE of the shots in the smoking lounge is perhaps my fave fur shot ever. How come nobody has ever mentioned it?

It is in Missoni red fox.


Now all you anti smoking lot tell me you don't want her beautiful 60 a day nicotine laced dirty little sexy body anywhere near your furs!!!!!

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Yummy. Love the attitude and the wonderfull fur and leather! Very nice. Is that a Silver Fox coat? Would love to see her sitting in my favorite bar on a Sat. night.


Yeppers, Galianos, That is DEFINITELY SIlver Fox.... mmmmmmmmmm PB

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To me, it doesn't look like Kate Moss... But then again, I guess the last photos I remember seeing of her were those splashed across the UK tabloids...



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