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You will notice that a question by FurSlave was moved into the new Experts forum today. That is so anyone who is an Expert (in the fur business) can see it to post. Others (including mods, members, and admins) can generally only ask questions there.


Now then, if members would like to reply to that question, just make a new thread in the Den and go ahead and reply to it. That is what we are now calling a "Parallel Thread". This way members can reply, but also posts by Experts will be very visible for anyone to use for future information.


Since this is the first time we are using this I wanted to explain. If you have any questions please let us know.


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I think it is not working properly.


When I try to reply to the den message i get the "nono" message you get from the furriers board. And when you click OK to get back, you are back in the furriers board, not the main den where you start from.



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If you clicked on the moved topic in the main Den, you were taken to the Furrier's Corner forum which is where that topic is now located. In the Furrier's Corner forum only our panel of consultants can post a reply. That is why you received what you described as a "nono" message.


Your post in a parallel topic in the Den is well written and very informative on the subject.

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