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Making personal sense out of our lives personal and collectively as to feelings and other more immediate important daily issues around these loving, gender and sexual feelings is swamped in this din of larger disasters around us yet to stay truly alive we must constantly struggle to rise above these while doing what we can to conquer them, not have them conquer us.


I think there is only one place where we can ever be truly free. That is in our minds, beneath all the pseudo layers that are heaped upon us by the people and events that "happen" in our lives.


We all have a true nature that is innate. Primal from birth, it grows, is shaped and develops according to the perceptive interpretations we chose to attach to the experiences we have throughout life.


It has to be the loneliest place possible, because the only person ever there is ourself, we can never let anyone else in. Because of this it can be an uncomfortable place to visit which means we all too easily remain on the outside "believing" to be true the layers that are thrust at us like guilt, shame, false values etc. We can believe this so much that our freedom becomes that of the world around us, which in fact isn't freedom at all.


By spending time here however the scariness becomes modified by familiarity, to the point where we can become really comfortable with our true, animal, primal nature, through experiencing and understanding it's influence on the person we think we are. It's not a case of getting to know it to become comfortable with it. We we all already know it. it's just we dont take time out to experience and ultimately revel in it.


If this can be achieved, then I believe we can be truly free. Comfortable with our nature, however it manifests to those around us, and whatever others do, say, or think about us.


I think there are times in our lives when we can all be "at peace", however brief. These times happen because conscious or unconscious, there is a knowing that we are free, and no other person or event can touch us, and that we can only be conquered if we want to be conquered.


The huge influences that we allow to change our lives, like politics, wars, natural disasters, famines, dictates by the likes of Bush, Blair, and their like etc, are illusions. If we didn't have a news media machine thrusting itself under our noses the whole time, we wouldn't even know they were happening. We would all just be living out our own lives complete with our own personal share of love, sorrow, grief, serendipitys, disasters, joys and so on. This is the way it always has been for all things that have ever lived, and it is the way it always will be until the lights go out.


Hmmm, just as well I started this on a new thread, because not sure now if it has any relevence to anything, but there you go......................... excuse me whilst I disappear up my own Karma!!

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I LOVE the wolves and a sheep metaphor!!!


I would be inclined to agree with you.


BUT for the fact that much of the political world now pits itself against us. Not just us; smokers; foxhunters; moslems (halal) etc.


If a strong stand is not made on ALL issues in which the state tries to force their way into our lives NOW, then fur will be banned. It is that simple.


Can you believe the whole legal system and brureacracy and police in Scotland, despite all the scoial problems there, are discussing how to deal with Keith Richards smoking on stage during a Stones gig?


Can you believe that Government is discussing a ban on stilletoes in the workplace? (And that will effectively mean everywhere).


If we hide our heads in our furs, then eventually they will be ripped off us.


We...all of us who value liberty..must start to make a stand now; fur is the least of our problems....but it will be next under attack. Then it will be pets, then it will be control of what we wear, eat, drive, spend, watch, where we go, and eventually who we have sex with.


These are Fascists; make no mistake about it.

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