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supermodel Karen Elson in furs

Guest touchofsable

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The gorgeous KAREN ELSON is in furs in the smoking Lounge of ye Old Denne Pubbe . Here is a taster;


www.herfamedgoodlooks.com/hfgl/Karen%20 ... _elson.htm


For the new folks here; when I find beautiful women who wear fur ...but smoke...I take them in the smoking lounge of ye olde denne pubbe. Just to make a little point. At the moment there are 30 supermodels and about 20 movie and sports stars. There are also pictures of them smoking; but many of them in fur.

It was my girlfriends idea; she gets just as racked off by anti smoking as anti fur.


To me the glamour image was connected with smoking as much as fur. When the two are combined it is the jackpot for me...and a few other folks here...the classic hollywood influence (and women who copied that IRL) I guess. Naturally a lot of fashion photographers are influenced by that too; and models themselves of course. Most are IRL smokers, IRL fur wearers....several allegedly fetishistic about both themselves.


Anyway; there are some nice pics in there and at least a virtual smoking bar doesn't make your eyes water....errr....unless youre a fur fan that is!


Non smokers are welcome as long as they don't whinge.

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