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Mink Fur something?

Guest OFF or Old Fur F##t

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I was wandering through Glacier Wear and ran across these Mink pelts.




They would make a really nice Parka or something casual. Maybe with Blue Fox trim?




Of course these pelts would make an incredible spread too.


The badger looks real nice too:




I've been wanting something Badger lately. I see them all the time up around Mt. Rainier when I go up there. funny animal the way they waddle around. Those are totally protected and aren't afraid of people at all.




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I personally love Badger, if it has been used correctly by the Furrier. Very unusual and fun pieces. GREAT casual fur.


It also makes a great accent fur. I have a White Fox Stroller that has been alternated with Badger accents. It is once of the nicest I have sold! If I was a bigger lady I would keep it for myself. But, I look like a short "squaty" person with a peanut head in it.



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I split the Badger posts off and started a new thread in The Pub Forum.


Seemed to spark some interest, so decided to give it a life of its own.



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