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Almost ... 20,000 .... 4,000 .... 1,000 Thank you White Fox


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I don't know why, but I just noticed some statistics tonight.


We have almost hit 20,000 posts;


White Fox is almost hitting 4,000 posts!!!! ( He really has much more!)


. . . and, we almost have 1,000 members!!



The real reason for my post was really to bring attention to the tremendous efforts that White Fox has made to the Fur Den. He has worked more than any of you could ever know. None of this could have happened without his undying dedication.


So, White Fox, here is to you, my dear friend!!! " title="Applause" />


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If everyone knew how much work and all the insanity White has to deal with on this site, Im sure hed have a brand new fur.

He has done an amazing job!

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Wow folks. What a surprise this is!


You know I always wondered why BrGr picked me to be a mod of Melody. Then to help out on this site. That is such a fantastic chance to be here.


However, there are so many others here as well who do so much work. You know when I returned from a short vacation a few days back we suddenly found a problem with a brand new area that you will soon see. Well, AK worked totally frustrated for hours on end every day til he had it fixed. He is always so relaxed and never gets angry. This site would not exist if it were not for him. We figured it would take two to three years to finish the site when we opened. We have added far more to it, and yet we will probably still meet all of our objectives in only one year. All due to AK.


Actually Fox and Off have almost as many posts as I do. You folks would not believe how much work that OFF has put into the pictures area. Some days he has to put hours in here as he not only moves pictures but often actually improves their quality so you can see them clearer!


As I write this, I have to think of what you folks as members have done here. Just think folks. That many members here and that many posts and we only opened almost exactly 6 months ago! It is each of you as members who make this place work.


And without the hard work of the mods and Earendil and Mr B here it would just be nothing like it is. So, I have to thank members, mods, and especially BrGr our owner for getting this site going, and AK for making it work. And making me look good!:P


I really hope that each and every one of you love this place as much as I do! A great place with more to come. In the words of Earendil (one of our Senior Mods), "The Fur Den Kicks Ass!" You ain't seen nothing yet!


Thanks so much Linda and Eric for the compliments. If I didn't love it though I would not be here. And thanks everyone for this fantastic site!

White Fox

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