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*laughs* So I thought that when I beat Oblivion for my 360 that I could go back to my usual goof around on the net and chat sporadically wherever it is that I go to chat sporadically, and catch a few people and say hello, but this was not to be.


A friend recently bought me another game as a sort of 'just because' gift and as such I've managed to graduate from continuous levelling in my Oblivion game and graduated to the mind numbing joys of The Sims 2.


I've played the original Sims and had waaaaaaaaaay too much fun with it putting people I worked with into the game (namewise) and seeing what would happen, and now that I've got the new game... *thunder rumbles in the distance* Dare I plan to add a bunch of YOU guys into it? *giggles*


The only problem is that there aren't *any* fur coats out in the Sims 2 yet, unless they exist as some add on program. There will be one coming out on a new content disc, which I will buy addicted as I am to both fur (and gaming it seems!), but until it comes out I'll have to be happy just stealthily adding as many people as I can into the Houses on Fur Den Street.


Don't worry, I hardly ever let anything particularly nasty happen to the Sims in the games I play. Except for an ex-boyfriend who I "had" try to fix the microwave until it burst into flames once. I think this is better than any voodoo doll I could find. Not that I'd wish any harm on anyone.


I'll be back to tell you what happened to everyone as soon as I get the basics of the game down.

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Ah Velvet...


The 'joys' of computer games.... (says one who has spent quite a deal of time going through Pharoah and Cleopatra expansion in the last month.... Okay, not everyone's cup of tea, but it is oh so satisfying to finally get on top of AI even if you do have to dumb down the settings).


Now, if perchance you have space for a geriatric member of your new games.... and furs do become available, make mine Blue Fox.


(I do recall pl;aying with a friend's copy of The Sims and finding it a quite...... hm annoying game but as they say, different strokes fur different folks.

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Have you got the Glamour Life Stuff Pack for Sims 2 yet? I just got it and have had my Sim wear the fur coat as an everday outfit. It comes in 3 colours: white, brown and black. If anyone wants to see what the furs look like I could post screenshots of one of my Sims wearing it.

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