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My fur collection


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Goldsable - this is my great dream - to own full lenght fox coat (silver or blue) - but it is difficult to me to buy it now - but who knows, mybe in next year...

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It is ecologically CORRECT to wear fur. Synthetics are BAD for the environment.

You must put this argument over in Poland whenever you meet antis.

there are a wealth of PRO fur arguments in this den; and some incredible links....Conservationists now praise fur in many cases:



That is the Universoty of south dakota ...independent and objective report. NOTE the conclusion.


Even the WWF have made sable reseves for the Yakut and evenk for hunting sable which protects habitat for Tigers:

www.panda.org/about_wwf/where_we_work/e ... wsID=13895


and then look what the inuit are saying:





Now we have to get out there and engage the weak arguments and fight these pricks and while we do so we just may help save animal habitat . Same goes for ALL hunting and Traditional animal framing. It all conservs habitats. the WWF even have big game hunting reserves now; embarassed into action by the cinservation success of private reserves bringing huge revenue to the indigenous population.


Produce leaflets with this stuff on. The links. Copy the ten good reasons to wear fur. Leave them around. Buy Miss T's t shirts and get a calling card done with all the links on when people ask you about it. Lobby parliametary representatives and media. Engage them on every forum. It is like taking sweets off a baby. Animal Rights has NOTHING to do with animal welfare, and nothing to do with conservation and real eco care. Even greenpeace are now beginning to support the Sami as a deterrent to logging.


Start a myspace. Put all the pro eco arguments for fur and hunting and animla dependent economies over. Miss T has done it. She is winning friends. In Polish,someone do it in German, someone in Russian, Italian, French whatever.


This must be fought for. Get off your ass and start.

It is coffee, palm oil, gm crops, rubber, logging, oil and the vast waste of the synthetic clothing industry, urbanisation, over heaing (heh! we don't need heat do we?) THESE are the things destroying the planet. Traditional animal dependent economies PROTECT habitat.






Email all your friends every time you find an interesting pro fur pro hunting argument.


Look up Dr. Richard North on a google search. Look for the resources we need to fight. Go to the fur farms like Saga on line. Go to the fur commision sites. Look up the cree trappers association; look up the sami fur trade. Look up the conservation hunting organisations in Canada and the Yukon. Look for the welfare documents online pointing to good practice among fur farms. look for the ones breeding animals for conservation like Lynx.

It is time we all stopped this doom and gloom. Let's go and engage!

EVERY PETA argument is crap.

oh and don't forget to plaster this wherever you see it. Email it to all your friends; even if they aren't into fur. Just say...say...have you seen this site?



Print a pile off and smuggle them onto your local PETA stand. They are thick; they will not notice. I did it once and they even put them out again next day.


Engage them at their stands. not that you will cahnge their mins but you can make them look thick as shit and as nasty as they really are and other people will support you if you keep a cool head. I have had them in tears. Called them racist/fascist scum praying on schoolkids. I have also had them chase me down thestreet but I was in hysterics as they really showed themselves up. Finally I turned around, gabe them a mouthful of sharp logic and people clapped. If you can provoke them into hitting you then they go down like a sack of s*** if you wack them back; but I would recommend calling the Police instead. I even got them banned from one town centre. I wouldn't recommend you doing it IN fur though....they may wreck it.




Nice collection btw


best regards TOS

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