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Fetish Mistress

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Hey Brooke!!


Well, on the left hand side of your screen, there should be a list, starting with "Den Archive". The sixth item down should be "Gallery". Simply click on that, and it should take you straight to the Gallery, where you will probably be asked to input your Username and password.


Hope that info helps



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Hi Brooke! Welcome to the Den! Unfortunately, you'll have to wait a couple of weeks. For security purposes, the usernames and passwords for the Gallery are only updated on a monthly basis. You'll have access in September - but hey, it's only a couple of weeks away!!!


(Edit by White... If you look in FAQ you can find info about this and how to use the Gallery when you are cleared. )



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By the way Brooke

Welcome to the Den. We hope you enjoy not only the Gallery when you are able to enter, but the Whole Den as well. Great to see you here. I am sure will enjoy the Gallery now as there are I believe over 3500 photos there now.

White Fox

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  • 2 weeks later...





F****** EBAY IMAGES!!!!??????


As if!!!!!


I am grossly insulted by the person filing the gallery pics.


PS Please do NOT repost any of my images anywhere else.....they have obviously been cropped to protect the models identities. I hope to involve them in the photoshoot with mr mockle with Lana/Tracey .....so I don't want that buggered.

They are not professional models but easily could be. They are stunning; and really lovely girls. And they work off each other a treat as do a few others I have up my sleeve. But at the moment I do not want anything fouled up by posting these elsewhere.

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Touch, if you just use the description area under the photo any time you post a photo to tell the folks what to do they will be posted that way. As of now, Off is still pretty much in charge there.


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I was just teasing OFF.


However it isn't an ebay shot.


Sorry I should've used the description for the correct section suggestion.

I couldn't make up my mind between fashion or erotic though.

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I know we've discussed it before but I would look at photos with a fairly jaundiced eye when considering whether they are erotic or not.


Each person's perception of what's erotic varies along a continuum and, what one person thinks of as erotic, another will think of as a "fashion shot". However, I suggest setting the bar a little bit higher even though I might think of some shots as erotic that others don't.


Shots that show the model merely in a seductive pose but which have no other erotic elements in them probably should not be placed in the Erotic bin. If there is some other element in the shot like a bed or the model is lying on a couch I would classify it as erotic even if there is no "skin" in the shot.


I agree that there can be no hard and fast rule but, as ToS suggests, there are some photos that we have a hard time classifying.


The last time we talked about this we basically left it as "To each, his own..." I'm just suggesting that we "brainstorm" on the subject and come up with a few loose ideas for why a photo should or should not be classfied as erotic.

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If there's any doubt as to which section, I can't see it really matters. We all get to look at the pics anyway, whichever section they are in. The erotic section has no porn in it, so even if you dont like porn, it needn't stop you looking in the erotic section.


Does anyone here not checkout all the sections? - I doubt it

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