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Just so you will know


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Wasn't sure if this post belonged on the main den forum or off topic. Because I am a MOD here, decided on the main den.


Eric sent me a PM last night and asked if I was OK. Decided I really owed the "regulars" an update.


I have, for about 4 months, been in the process of "re-inventing" myself. Major career and life-style change in place. So, my time here is very limited and I know some wondered if there was a problem, . . . no, not at all!


So, that is why you hear so little from me. One good thing, the long posts are mostly left to Touch now. . . . and, OFF


I am doing fine, just miss my regular "Fur Den" time in the morning with a really big strong cup of coffee.


I still spend a lot of time here. Just monitoring the forums takes a lot and then there is a lot of time spent on the MODs forum, keeping this place running smoothly.


You have no idea of the time and energy that goes on behind the forums. Plus, AK and White Fox have all kinds of projects going on. Poor AK is going to hate this place if he doesn't slow down! And, you would not believe the time that OFF has spent on the pictures area. As many of you know, Fox is spending a lot of time on PETA education. I am so very proud to be a part of this wonderful team!


One last thing. I just wanted to thank all of our incredible members here who are so wonderful at self-policing this great big place! You are such a GREAT group of people. I am so blessed to have found you. The kindness and acceptance I have experienced here will always be treasured.





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This place would not be the same without you....


Your efforts and your awesome contribution is one of the reasons this site is as alive as it is....


I am sure I speak for everyone if I say We love you!!!!!!!!


We surely do

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We wouldn't be the den we are today without you Linda! We owe you an infinite amount for your seemingly endless dedication. Good luck with your new life so to speak and may the den never be without you.

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You deserve a big " title="Applause" /> and and from all of us!!!!


Play your cards right and you just might get a in a couple of hours!



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