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Old dogs and new ways of living

Guest OFF or Old Fur F##t

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Much of what I have to say I've said before here and there, often quite completely. But I feel the need to make a more specific statement if only for the benefit and encouragement of others. This is also in appreciation of this opportunity for my own personal growth and development, old dogs and new ways of living.


I've been thinking and reflecting about my time here on the Fur Den and the previous time spent with the Fur Den at Melody.


Like many who have ventured here I was a voyeur for quite a while prior to joining (back on Melody).


Most of my life was spent in conflict over my feelings for fur. I grew up at a time when it was not possible to know for certain of others who might also feel this way. Neither the technology nor the social climate were available or sufficiently open. The Red Scare and paranoia did so much damage in so many ways.


I was sure I was the only one on earth who had these feelings, though there was the occasional hint that others did have these fantasies as well, particularly those occasional and wonderful pictures in Playboy of nude women in furs. Someone else must think that is particularly incredible? Hopefully those will return. Maybe a special all Fur Issue! I'll bet it would be a Landmark Playboy Issue.


For the most part however it all remained totally submerged from public view or comment until I was shamed into my first computer by a good friend in '95, Pandora's Box. By '96 I was surfing the Internet and nervously looking for

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Wow, That was very well written. Thank you for being true to

yourself and not letting preconditioning rule your life. Just think what

is next around the corner. Self knowledge is priceless. I can really

relate to everything you said, on many different levels. Love for fur

has ruled my life and I feel truly blessed to have this devine gift.

Thank you again for being honest and true to yourself #1 and to

sharing your love of fur with us. I also want to thank you for

all your wonderful photos you post.



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Great post OFF! " title="Applause" />


You have been an inspiration to me from the very beginning of my joining Melody. It is hard to believe it has only been a little over a year.


Guess I have never told you that have I?


. . . 'bout time I did!



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