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Mr Barguzin

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Congrats on being the 100th person to joinThe Fur Den.


Your prize is in the ether.


NOW I can go to bed *grin* @2.22AM sat 25/02 a happy chappy


Nite all *yawn*


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Maybe he only calls into Churchill when he is feeling a tad peckish.


Or he may have realised that after I made the initial post, he slipped back to #99 and someone else became #100.


Click on the Member's List to find out who *grin*


(I know. Senior Mod is supposedly infallible.... so sue me *sigh*)

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Welcome to The Fur Den P_B_C!


You're gonna have a whole lot of fun here!


I don't think you can make it here by next week


Maribeth, I guarantee it - Offer free fur play in your shop, and I think you'll be surprised how many fur freaks show up at your door within the next two days! Forget a week!!

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I know I don't need a lot of fur freaks showing up at the store It would be tuff in my condition to help everyone out I would love to meet all the members but I know what would happen maybe some other time.



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