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Found: Teddy Bear!

Worker 11811

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I was on my way to work, this morning when the Bear crisis occured: There was a lost Teddy Bear on the side of the street! She was right in the lane of traffic!


I make a quick U-Turn and picked her up, just in time to save her from an oncoming car!


Picked her up and brought her home: >> Picture: Lost Bear <<


She was dirty and scuffed up a little but none the worse for wear. I'm afraid to think that she may have been run over.


We cleaned her up, this evening: >> Picture: Bear Waiting for Bath <<


>> Picture: Bear Getting Clean <<


Melanie baked her some chocolate cookies: >> Picture: Baking Cookies for Bear <<


The Bear is now safe and being well cared for in our Bear Den: >> Picture: Bear Eating Cookies <<


So, if you didn't think I'm a total loon before, this most certainly confirms it now!


But, there's method to the madness... I just checked with the local newspaper. A "Lost and Found" classified ad will cost $24.00 to run 7 days. (The minimum run for L & F.) I'm sorry. I love Bears and I'm sad to think that somebody out there will be without her Care Bear. But spending $24.00 to MAYBE return a $2.00 Bear is way out of line!


I have placed messages in all the Teddy Bear message boards I know where a likely owner will look. I will print flyers and post them as soon as I can. But, even a slim chance of getting this Bear back to her human is worth it.


If you know of a child who has lost her "Cheer Bear" please send word. If the time and place matches where I found her, she's yours!


"Cheer Bear" will be well cared for and she will never be lonely. She will have many, many Bear friends to keep her company. But, if you didn't know this, Teddy Bears "imprint" on their original human. Happy as they may be in their new homes, they will always remember their first hug from their human.


We have one other "Rescue Bear" like this who has never found his original human. So, if you know a little boy or girl who lost a Teddy in Steadman's Corners, New York please send us a message. "Steadman" has been happily living with us for severay years but, he longs to know what happened to his original human.



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that is a great thing, stopping in traffic to save the bear! such care and time were invested! i love the pics, too, very cute. good job, you two!

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Well done Teddy Rescue, you're a credit to the cuddley community I hope she is soon reunited with her pet person.


Those cookies sure look good, can I order a bag please?




Bernie Bear

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Perhaps I ought to post pix of my old bear here - have had him for almost 25 years..


As for being a loon - what's wrong with that? hehehe



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There is a local charity that buys bears for the ambulance and police to give to small children when they are involved in some kind of trama.


I have always thought it was a wonderful way to comfort a small child.


I had a room full of stuffed animals until I had my children.



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It's actually a worldwide charity!


>> Good Bears of the World.org <<


We have a GBW Teddy Bear in our den! We donate regularly.


If you look on >> THIS PAGE << you will see where GBW is raffling off a real mink Teddy Bear! I've already got a few tix in the pot for him!


Perhaps I should start a "Show us your Teddy Bears" thread... I'll think about it.


Bernadette. Melanie is an exelent baker! Next time she makes a batch I'll let you know. I don't think we live too far apart. Do we? Might be able to convince "Wifey" to pack up a batch and Fed-Ex them!


There's an old saying: "Better to remain silent and let people THINK you are crazy than to open your mouth and remove all doubt."


Oh! Just for the record: We take in orphaned Teddies... No Bear should be without a home!

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Earendil, Earendil. Sounds tasty.


Leg of Earendil, Earendil rump, frikasee of Earendil, with onion rings, and button mushrooms and fries, just a snack you understand to sustain me between meals. I eat non believers, you're safer with Tryxie and Theresa, than with me


Cookies sure sound nice but I better not. She'll only intercept them at the door. Bad for bears, it's always the same, she does it with dougnuts to. GGrrrr.


Gotta go, she's coming back.


Bernie bear

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Well he is nuts.. Bears or no bears. :D Don't worry though.. I'm nuts too. It adds spice to life! Right Worker?


I'm flattered that you'd like to eat me though. Now I have 3 girls [EDIT: Or are you a man?] chasing after me! I'm re-living my highschool years - Right on! :D


Although.. The girls from highschool just wanted to hit me too.. D'oh

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There's a difference between crazy people and eccentric people: Crazy people don't comprehend reality. Eccentrics just choose to selectively ignore certain parts of reality.

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Eccentrics are guardians of the pillars of reality in a world that doesn't see they have become zombies.

We are the shepherds not the sheep. We are the avant garde; we are the olde garde.

We are the designers not the design led.

We are the Creators not the manufactured.


We are the thinkers not the programmed.


And we shall lead the teddy bears to glorious revolution......

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Teddy Bears are named after President Theodore "Teddy" Roosevelt. That makes it a proper name. "Teddy Bear" is capitalized!



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