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Is it possible to get a seperate section in the gallary for fur and leather? Also can we seperate the transvestities from the rest of the pictures? That is a serious buzz kill. Thanks

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The guys that setup and administer the galleries may consider of may have considered a separate area for transgender fur pics but this often causes confusion.


Many of the pics posted to such TG directories are of genuine women put there mistakenly by the poster just because the subject isn't a well-known young supermodel and is an amateur model mature in her years. Conversely, some transgender models are genuinely convincing enough that you and others may have believed them to be real women and those pics will still turn up in other gallery areas - and you may all be quite surprised to find out that some of your favourite photos are of transsexual or transvestite models. It's a niche market admittedly and of great appeal to some but for others with less tolerance or understanding the fantasy might be better than the reality and ignorance really may be bliss.



Mr Mockle

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Since when was Caroline Cossey "niche market" She was an internation catwalk model, and April Ashley for that matter, to name but two. I wish my bum was as high off the ground as Carolines and my legs half as good.


Most of us are here becuase we seek to surround ourselves with the safety of those of like mind, somewhere we can share our "fetish" in safety without pesecution from others. Let's not start our own pogrom.

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It's all good, nobody needs to take offense...hey, fur itself is a "niche market, right? Give the guy a break; he's new to posting, and those of us who have been around a while know this comes up from time to time. I do know what he means about the buzz kill, but that doesn't make it hateful or anything...I find a horrifically ugly woman in fur (think some of the Southern Charms models) to be a buzz kill for me.


Ultimately, we all have different tastes, and it's up to us to separate the wheat from our personal chaff. Sometimes you have to look at one of the SC hags and decide if the fur warrants you keep it or move on. Likewise with a TV or TG. For some, it's the hottest thing they've ever seen. But if the admin community tried to categorize according to EVERY preference, there'd probably be a separate category for every photo.

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"transvestites" , I think there is only 1 here who has the "ba__S" to

post a photo. I think its actually funny that my security with my

feminine side would induce insecurity "buzz kill" in someone else.


Being honest with yourself can have life changing possibliltes. Ive said

this before and I say it again, its not about anyones sexuality its about

the love for the devine gift of glorious fur. Im only sharing what the

power/s of this gift of fur has done to me. Let go and live, life is too short

to be confined by anyones preconditioned mindset. What a boring

place this would be if we were all clones. Each one of us is entirely

unique and we all have our own special gifts to bring to the playing



By the way I loved your little red riding hood story, although little girls

are not my thing.




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To put this topic back on topic....


It is impossible to uniquely catagorize each and every image posted to the Gallery. Many if not most images would be totally appropriate in two or more categories. That and our desire to prevent duplication of images is why we generally follow the poster's suggestion for what album the image should be placed into. What I suggest is that posters make more use of the keywords field of the file description area when posting their image(s). Use keywords for the type of fur, style of garment, etc, etc. That way users can use the search tool to find the type of images they prefer without having to scan through the albums.


I further suggest that those who have already posted images to the Gallery go through those images and add appropriate keywords so the search tool can easily find the images other users search for.

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Each one of us is entirely

unique ...


Ahhhh. The ubiquity of uniquity.


If we are all unique, then we are all the same.


Just my .02, YMMV



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I will once again go on record by saying that The Fur Den is proud to have the transgendered community well-represented in our membership. Many of us are supportive of that community, and many more understand and are accepting of that lifestyle. Still others may not understand, but I am happy to say have become tolerant and even openminded in learning more about the transgendered phenomenom. I am also happy to say that the few members of The Fur Den who are neither supportive, understanding or tolerant at least have the courtesy of going on about their business without action or comment, or as Fox Fan put it, "Ultimately, we all have different tastes, and it's up to us to separate the wheat from our personal chaff." Jeni Love, I thought stated it even more eloquently, ". . . its not about anyones sexuality its about the love for the devine gift of glorious fur." That is what The Fur Den is all about. Our masthead says it all, "The website totally dedicated to the appreciation of fur." That is more important than any other issue here. That is why we all come together. It is our common interest we celebrate. Isn't it wonderful we all can be so different and still love the same thing?


That being said, I think AKcoyote has answered the original question, so there is little, if any need to discuss this matter further. At my option, I am locking the thread.

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