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Change the default action in your browser for each file type. Set it to save the file as the default action. You may have to experiment a bit if you are not familiar with your browsers features.


Good luck and always keep your



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Alright, I found a way to do it (assuming you use IE).


Firstly, delete all of your temporary files that your browser saves. This will make finding the video a lot easier later on. If you don't know how to do this, click on "tools" at the top of the IE window, and from there click on "Internet Options". When the new window pops up, click "delete files" under temporary internet files.

Now go back to the mpeg video and watch it. Let it run through the whole way. Now go back to that same window where you deleted the temporary internet files, but instead, click on "settings". A new window will come up with a button that says "view files". In there, you should be able to find the video and copy it to your hard drive. Hope this helps.

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