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Which alpine resort is most fur in?


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Hello sable1,


For 10 years we saw a lot of furcoats in "Kirchberg, Austria" but or this is the best . . . . . . .


The best place you can find on site: www.volpe.nu , knows someone where these photo's are taken?


Soft regards,



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I think the pictures on volpe were taken in Milan.


For the rest, I think St-Moritz is the best fur-showing ski resort or maybe Cortina d'Ampezzo in Italy.

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Hi Sable,

Cortina and Madonna in Italy are awsome and St Moritz pushes them close. Lech in Austria is supposed to be good but i was extremely dissapointed-saw only a handful of minks in the whole week.As Maribeth said, Aspen has a few but nothing like the Italian resorts,although there were some nice furriers to look around in Aspen. Hope this is of help,


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When I could ski(lol)inside joke i saw a lot @Park City Ut,and Aspen, CO




Soon enough Maribeth, soon enough you'll be out there again! I hope you're doing better now.

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