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And now for something completely different:

Mr Barguzin

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That should garner folks attention.


In case you have been living in your furs for too long, this is a cartoon show, but with a difference... a BIG difference.


The characters actually have lifelike movements... and the action/CGI work is magnificent.


Skyland explained


Yes, I am hooked.... so didn't read all the entry as I don't wanna have the storyline spoilt. one thing I would love to do at times though is ram Mahud's confidence down his craw *grin*


Anyways, check it out. And also go to:


Home Page

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I'll be the first to admit to a like of cartoons, and Skyland looks intriguing to say the least, but I'm a bit wary of dedicating myself to anything that I won't be able to see in entirety without buying something, dl'ing something offline (in entire season mode) or whatnot.


If we get the whole thing here in the States, sign me up.


I'll just keep an eye on it until then.


It does look promising.

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in Oz, the ABC started it back in ooooooo april and it was just three episodes as it is (apparently) still a work in progress..... Hmm where have I ... *-blush* oh yeah... anyways they restarted it from square one in June and we are working our way towards the end of the series... or maybe series one *grin*.


There are times when I wish I had a 50" Widescreen TV, but I have to be satisfied with the 21" "square" box. So, when the DVD's come out... if someone would be kind enough to invite me round... on the proviso that the telly will be 50" min *grin*......................................


Now as for Futurama...... Once again Channel 10 (in Oz... a free to air station) is showing it on a daily basis at 7.00PM... well, M-F anyways *grin* so I can now get a daily dose of both Futurama AND the Simpsons..... Life can be good at times.

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Definitely looks interesting - CGi cel-shaded animation, ill have to keep an eye out for this if it turns up on UK tv screens. In the meantime, think I'll stick with my ever-expanding anime collection. Speaking of which, FilmFour is running a season of Studio Ghibli / Hayao Miyazaki films, if anyone's interested...




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