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Vogue - UK - all praise toooooo


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For those UK resident amongst us, the Sept UK Vogue is a great start to the Autumn season. May it inspire lots of purchases of Fur.

Perhaps we need to send a letter of congrats to the UK editor in appreciation of a great job?



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What's in it altogether?


Certainly I think individual letters would be apprecited to the editor as they will probably get a few PETA ones.

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It is a nice issue, especially if you a Kate fan in general but the fur feature is the annual IFTF advertising campaign and will be a standard ad across most sep vogue's worldwide. The shots are beautiful again - you should be able to see them on the iftf.com website though currently they are still featuring last years 'Furs & Chic' campaign.


Bottom line if you are in the uK, it is probably worth

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Thanks for that. Interesting more adverts are featuring fur in subtle ways also. Ok, the power of money, but I think I might put a quick note off to the editor congratulating her on showing more fur. if she is unhappy, but others send the same message, perhaps the thoughts of many might persuade the few........

We can but hope.



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Just bought a copy; TONS of fur for a UK magazine.


The revolution is here!!!!!!!!!!!!

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