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Okay. You have to see this, but you will have to go to the smokers lounge for it.


Awesome. Smoking in fur with a fab attitude.


Thankyou galianos and furelli for bringing this to our attention.


She must ceraily be nominated for our fur queen of the year after you read this (last paragraph):


www.christinaricci.info/cgi-dodger/show ... view12.ssf


With that attitude she definitely should be invited to join here. See what you can do Miss T. It is worth asking people who are celebs to join and pointing out they can use a pseudonym.

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I'll check it out and see what happens with giving her an invite.


added note:

I have her snail mail addys so that I can send letters of invite to her in both NY and LA. I am thinking that something special should be included in celebrity/media type invites, though I am not sure what. What would get attention and mean something, without costing a bomb? Know what I mean? I am sure she and other people we might want to contact get all kinds of fan/invite/junk mail... so what would make our letter stand apart from the rest? Ideas?

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Well without costing too much mabey a hand written letter with a small stip of fox fur attached to tantalize her senses and imagination. You know just small enough to fit in an envelope and large enough to be "usefull" if she felt the need for the caress of fur in a small place. Drop a few hints about senuality of fur and how she should drop in anonymously and check out how popular fur is and how well her new Furry pic was recieved outside Hollywood.

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