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Has everone seen the September issue of W magazine? WOW


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Christina Ricci in a large, possibly cross fox fur! YOWZA

Still looking for a better larger picture but here's the preview pic on their website.




If anyone can find a larger pic please post it. Think I'm going to have to go down to the store and get this magazine.

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oh my.

that is a wnderful revelation. I wouldn't have expected her in our camp.


I like her anyway because she is a smoking fetishist too.


so not only to see her in fur but WHAT a fur is cause for celebration!!!!!!!!!

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It appears Ms. Ricci is quite the fur lover! I searched and found numerous fur pics of her that I can post if everone wants. Also I found an excerpt from an interview she did for MADEMOISELLE magazine I think here is my favorite part "MLLE: What

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Here's how I got to that pic tell me if it works for you. Go to


http://ostentatiousstyle.blogspot.com/ it might work better if you copy and paste or type it in. Then scroll about 1/4 of the way down the page and click on the pic under the headline Christina Ricci does W. Should work for you. Or you could try and copy and paste the original link in your toolbar. Sorry about that!

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