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fur bus ?

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furfan posted this ion the gallery thread.


Anybody in the UK fancy getting together and doing a real version? With vodka bar etc? And furs for use? Totally ostentatious?

Could be a good idea if marketed selectively. Have wheels will travel. The races. Midnight beach parties.Hunt balls. Nice side cover or open top for smokers. Selective events and venues. Travel in that style and I think people would pay a lot for it. Classy hen nights. And maybe very very expensive stag nights with hotesses in fur. Bags I being the conductor. And from the outside, it could be made very very discreet.

Photo record of the event could be thrown in or charged extra.

Photos would be posted on the website...a record of parties, which could only be accessed by clients, and prospective clients who would have to pay a token membership fee.

Plus there could be all sorts of little ummm...extras.


You wouldn't even have to advertise; news would travel like wildfur. One booking a week at

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