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A New Senior. It's about time!

White Fox

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Well folks I've a really great and happy task to perform tonight.


If you go back awonderin' you will find this message stored nicely away in our Archives. It was posted by Fuzzywol - the site owner of Melody at that time, on May 15, 2002. As most of you know, at that time Melody and the Den were different sites.


Earendil offered to help out here in maintaining this (fur) forum.

So he's just become the first official moderator!



p.s. His yearly salary in this new job will be as high as my own! (ahum)


Ever since that he has worked here as a mod. He has been a mod here (in the Melody arm of the Den) for longer than any mod or staff member here except BrGr. He was one of the first mods to arrive on this site, and he has been working like a horse pretty much ever since he came. This site would not be the same without the work he has done here to help us in the Graphics area. And, he is just such a dedicated mod. It is also great to have him as a friend!


Folks, we have decided that it is high time that we recognize Earendil for dedication to this site! As of right now, Earendil is our second Senior MOD. Now of course, this involves work as well! Once Fall comes this place is going to be very, very busy. It will be all that Mr B can do to be Senior mod in the main forums here. So, Earendil will be Senior in the new Gallery, Library, and Chat areas as they gradually develop. Working with the mods there to make sure all goes ok. And allowing BrGr and I to pretty much goof off and do nothing while AK, Earendil, Mr B, and all the mods do all the work!!! (And of course we take the credit)


Earendil, it is really great to have you as our new Senior!

White Fox


The following is part of Earendil's response to that original message back in 2002. If you want to see the whole thing you can look it up!


translated to: I have to work my ass off, and he gets to watch 15mins extra of Sex and The City everyday :x


I'm glad to help you out fuzzy.. looking forward to "working"(drinking beer and watch soccer) with you

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It will be an honor to work under you!!!


Seriously . . . you have long been someone I have sought out for leadership and advice - Not to mention friendship.


I am so very proud to be a MOD with you,



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Congratulations, E!!!




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congratulations Earendil;


I especially look forward to see you working under Linda and am a tad envious


Photos can be posted in the new gallery section

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TOS, I was doing my damnedest to bite my tongue about that! (I'm in enough trouble with Linda for smart-ass comments I made in the moderator's forum . . . ! )


Ahem! Sorry, E! Yes - Congratulations!!! It was an easy decision to make . . .


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Wow.. What can I say?





No, seriously, everyone.. To our admins, my better half-senior-mod Piotr, the moderator-team, and most importantly -- To all our members..


A big Thank You, from me to you! I can assure you that you, the members, harvest 90% of my motivation to help around here.


I bid you all warm gratefulness, and hope to see this site stand for as long as humans walk the earth!

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