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Mr Barguzin

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Gee, were you folks waiting for the Gallery to open??


3300+ images... andimages there have been viewed over 100,000 times. And I can't mention the highest viewed image... cause that would upset me.... as it isn't one of mine *pout*


Makes all the hardwork of uploaders and mods well worth the effort.


Thank YOU for being interested... and looking in... and keep on doing so, cause we intend to continue looking and adding as well *grin*


Just ONE bone of contention though folks........


I know, you have THE perfect image that sums it all up for YOU. Trouble is it might alredy be there, so do yourself a favour... make sure that it hasn't been uploaded previously, or else if you do upload it, you might be wondering just why your pic is not there, or where you witty comment has gone.


Deletion of said repeats is based on date uploaded.... so as we get bigger, you WILL have to pay attention... as will we.


Oh and no clever things like shanging the file name.... our combined grey matter is just a tad more powerful than yours *grin*

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100,000 views! Wow, that is fantastic! Kind of proves you folks are enjoying this. I am so glad. Pictures is the area that finally set the New Den apart from the old. (That and the fact that everything works.)


And there is so much more to come.


Thanks all who have posted so many pictures to make this all possible. And thanks AK for such a great pictures site!


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Pretty amazing!!!! Thanks to everyone who's contributed towards making it a success - whether it's adding a pic, moderating the gallery or just taking a look once in a while!



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