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Deleted photos?


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Hi, I uploaded some homemade photos of my gf and I last night that were since deleted. They were highly erotic and not pornographic, nothing was shown. They were similar to the omg series from Earendil. Need some clarification here.


Seeing as how I did not recieve an PMs saying I violated any CoC they may not have been deleted on purpose.




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The pics are being reviewed at the moment. As you say they do not breach the CoC per se.... but what one sees and what one imagines are two entirely different things.


You will be advised.

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Sorry Mr B... You and I posted at the same time here.




As you noted those were "Highly Erotic". With such photos our mods need to be very careful, and there is a holding bin where they can be kept until each mod decides that they are ok. They are just often kept under review for awhile.


It is just part of the process here. Believe it or not, just two mistakes in this area could take this site off the air. So we have to be EXTREMELY careful. Just give the mods there some time with it.


I have not had the time to really look at them myself, so have no idea if all or just some will be back. The mods in pics are very highly worked right now, so it might take a bit of time, but you will hear and/or see the results soon I am sure.

White Fox

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