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Featherd Coyote :) WOW

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Viper and all....

As more folks enter photos, file positions change in coppermine. thus links do not always work.


Viper, if you would give us the Name under that picture and the poster, then members can search for it.


For instance, there is a photo with file name 001a.JPG called Ebay Belgium posted by Ramon.


If you do a search for it and in the search text put........ 001a Ebay Belgium Ramon .......... that picture will come up IF you check the boxes for "Name and File name. If you don't click for ownername and file name though it will not come up.


Again, just click search. Check Owner name and File name boxes. Enter the file name and description and poster in the search box and search and it will be right there. The coppermine search is very easy to use as you can search for three different things at once like that.



Edit by AKcoyote: corrected minor typo in second line that might have caused confusion.

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