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United Nations Here

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I was noticing we have people from lots of countries here.

Is there any way of doing a dissection of that?

Alternatively just post. I will start:


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Worker: " title="Applause" />



I've come to know and love that term deeply after working for and around Penn State University's main campus. I also discovered it applies to a larger area of Pennsylvania than I imagined. Right on, my man.


Oh, ahem, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania for two more weeks...and then...


Roma, Italia!

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Worker, Somebody once said and i forget about where;

Yes, i once went there and found out that the most exciting thing to do was watch the traffic lights change.

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There was a similar post on the old Melody Forum and it came up majority USA with the British Isles a close second followed by Germany and Scadinavia.


That's the upper lefthand corner of the USA. It's another country. Kind of like Wales.




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North Rhine-Westphalia (Nordrhein-Westfalen).


- Established by the British military administration in 1946.

- Situated in the Western part of Germany, shares borders with Belgium and the Netherlands.

- In population the largest of the 16 Ferderal States of Germany.


Capitol: D

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