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first of all big thanks to FrBrGr and all of you for this great forum which I've been visiting for quite a while now. It is always diverting reading through the topics and it gives to me something that is sometimes missing in real life - especially during summer


A few years ago I was a more or less active (in fact more less) one in the fur community searching the internet for fur pictures and posting them here and there. Maybe now is a good time to join again this exciting community.


Cheers, furpure (CFX in former times)

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Welcome furpure.


Hope you further enjoy our/your forum.


You will eventually be able to see and post pictures here also. [see rules governing this].




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Off or Old Fur and MissTheresa,


thank you for your welcome. I'm sure I will further enjoy this forum the same way I did the last few months since it's been opened


I'm amazed about the activity here. What I like most is that the contributions are so manifold. If I only had more time to keep track of all of them


Cheers, furpure

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welcome furpure


I am sure you will enjoy this place as it is becoming incredibly diverse and multi faceted. People come from all walks of life and can offer incredible insights into different things. i sometimes personally come across as argumentative but I find that way sometimes gets some interesting discussions going; and I have learned a lot here.


We have peoples from lots of nations too, incuding some germans.


I am new to the fur scene but thanks to the efforts of people such as yourself in the early days the community has grown and will continue to do so.

So thanks for your previous work and look forward to you becoming active again.

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F/P... Great to have you back. You just made it in time in fact as by joining now you should see the Gallery tomorrow night. Had you waited a day or two, you would have had to wait for a month to see it.


Welcome to the Fur Den

White Fox

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