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Snakes On A Plane

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Who here is excited about the comming film on 8-18-06 called......SNAKES ON A PLANE.

Forget pirates, forget spandex heros, forget animated animals here comes the snakes!

Sam L Jackson will be ass kicking snakes!

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Is the catchphrase something to do with "muthaf**king snakes and muthaf**king planes?


Heh, definitely going to see this one.

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Totally agreed with you.


I only knew this movie existed from someone else using the line "snakes on a plane" too. Some folks are jokingly calling it the Best Worst Film of 2006, but the buzz is enough that they called Samuel J back to film the very line we're going to be hearing a lot more of.


According to Wiki, the internet commotion and subsequent parodies, homages and whatnot to the movie which included the line about what Mr. Jackson's character *thinks* about snakes and planes led them to add it to the movie.


Sort of like the "I'm the Juggernaught b**ch!" from X3.


Going to be a good movie, methinks.

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Has anyone seen this film? I've heard it may be a lot of hype to bolster up a basically poor film. A little like The Blair Witch Project. I remember walking out after that film and saying to my girlfriend, "My God that was scary, scary how we were duped out of

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