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How to marry a millionaire


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I have just watched bits of this film. In one scene Marilyn Monroe was sat wearing a magnificent fur coat and i am stood there "Yeh-Yeh-Yeh!!!". Then she stands up and takes it off, so it is off screen.


As much as i loved Marilyn, i though, "You selfish cow, you had all those beutiful furs and you wouldn't even let me get a good look at one of them."


Dang film stars!!

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There is another movie called "How to Murder a Millionaire" that features Joan Collins in a REALLY NICE Chinchilla coat through a good part of the movie.


I've been watching for that one to air again but haven't seen it come up recently.

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I was watching How to Marry a Millionaire the other night, too. There was tons of fur in that movie, but they did tend to throw it about a lot! I recall that scene near the end when Marilyn just tossed a martin wrap and it hit the floor, staying there while the rest of the scene played out... it bothered me the way it would bother a neat freak (which I am not! )! I could never toss my fur on the floor like that.

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I have the stroy line


"Fur Addiction"


StaringLindsay Lohan and Shen Penn maybe 8)














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