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This must be the end for PETA

Guest touchofsable

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This is what someone has posted I came across today. But surely PETA are finished now after even they are posting this on a pro animal group.



Ingrid Newkirk must be the most evil woman on the planet and quite clearly without any compassion for animals at all.


Why would anyone who supposedly cares for animals give them any money? its bizarre..

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As I am a non US citizen I think that it would be inappropriate for me to sign. Howewver EVERYONE her who is american should go there immediately and sign it.


It is apalling to think that because of PETA pressure the fur industry, farmers ect cannoy use drugs to put injured animlas down quickly yet PETA officials can without being vets.

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Wheras I can see your point that PETA itself may be suffering an irreversable scandal in light of these allegations. I will be the one to say what is no doubt on a lot of minds here.


Although the recognised name at the centre of 'animal rights' may die, there will always be those viciously against us, and we must be on our guard against soloing 'vigilantes' who think that the end of their governing body means they are free to act in their own way!


But then I could be wrong, and the demise of a leader may leave them without a focal point and their dissarray causes PETA to fade into a distant memory, and those left behind may be willing to listen to our statistics about the uses, millenia of fur wearing for basic clothing, and eco-friendlyness of fur!


We can but hope!

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I agree.

But thats even more reason not to rest on our laurels.

our real enemy is ignorance. Most people will be completely unaware of this and just think very simplistcially. that is even more reason for us to engage in firums, news sites etc etc every time an issue comes up.

When your enemies leader is on the floor, if you are not careful the factions can be dangerous though unfocussed.


But the whole premise of animal rights is an excuse to exterminate animals altogether. Its really a fascist movement dedicated to overthrowing the land based wealth of animal dependant economies. they cant do it tjhrough Marxism anymore so they have come up with a ludicrous "dictatorship of the animal proletariat".


the main thing now is to not let the low standard of journalism allow PETA still to be quoted as some kind of authority. It is important to canvass newspaper editors etc on that.


the other thing is we must actually practice high standards on animal welfare and support habitat protection, hunting and native cultures and their conservation efforts etc and make sure that is expressed in the media.

There are abuses in the fur trade in places like China and we should not accept that. Of course not all Chinese fur farms can be tarred with the same brish either. But cat and dog fur has no place here in my opinion; neither exotix and endangered at the moment unless its vintage, or comes from conservation body approved sources.

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I have noticed that the amount of anti-fur googlebombing has substantially decreased in the last few months.


It's not totally gone but there is a lot less of it than there used to be.


I wonder if there is any connection, here?

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Gee, Nice to see Andrew Bolt and Phillip Ruddock get mentions in the listings.


Now awaiting the arrival of Helen Coonan.....


and waiting............


and waiting.....................


and ... ah fergitid.

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Thats why we must campaign for newspapers to do an expose of PETA using such articles, and the case about the killing of animals that were supposed to be rehomed, etc as reference.


It can only be a question of time before someone does.


And we must keep up the pressure on the media.

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PETA is truly run by nut cases. They have given substantial sums of money to the Earth Liberation Front, a loose group of whackos who burn down buildings and blow up SUVs. The ELF is at the top of the FBI's terrorist list, and PETA belongs there too.

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Peta is on the FBI watch list sense they like to start riots in New York so much.

They got mad when they found out they were on the watch list last year.

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When you think about it that way:


1- Pissing off people in power.


2- Damaging the economy.


3- Making threats against people and institutions and


4- Starting riots in high profile places.


those sorts of things are what has ELF on all the government agencies tracking lists.


I wouldn't be surprised if NSA isn't micro-tracking their communications.




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The Earth Liberation Front. Nutcases.


If you want to find oit more about these organistions, and the links with global industry that supports them, look up some of them on www.activistcash.com


the tides foundation fund money anonimously to many groups like PETA to undermine animal dependant economies.


the whole AR movement is a front for a land war. Global industry needs the land devoted to animals to expand and use more non renewable resources .

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Great find, TOS. Well you know, it's a blog, not a newspaper, as someone said, but it's a good start to defeat all those evil people. Their masks are falling down, huh?

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blu dragonfly;


Don't loose too much sleep. Though most, if not all, of what those two guys say is 'true' you have to consider the larger issues over and above the emotional and hysterical retoric of both the PeTA and anti PeTA folks say and present.


My own beliefs of our precarious situation which is far mor terrrifying than any debate over PeTA are in my tome in the thread "Somebody help me please". What ever opinion you might have of Al Gore is beside the point with the truth he presents in his film "An Inconvenient Truth". Something to get upset over and work as hard as we can for transformations.


Those concerns are worth loosing a lot of sleep and doing a lot of things over to try and pull our collective asses from the fire. So called Animal Rights is trivial in comparison even if one embraces it.


Some apparently radical perspectives do have validity.



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blu dragonfly

I am a radical where the real rights of animals are concerned.


there is not a man truth be known that doesn't have an intense attraction to women in fur. Any man that tells you he does not is either a liar or seriously warped.


That is a far cry form fur fetishism. I am not a fur fetishist. HOWEVER I am happy to admit a beautifuk woman in fur does turn me on. I am also happy to admit I find fur as an isloate thing very beautiful; but not sexy.


I am here partly becuase I went with waht nature was telling me.


But also I find most people here underneath it very animal friendly and very concerned about the environment. Which may surprise you. It didn't me; though I was surprised when I joined the degree to which people here demonstrated a real concern for animlas. We have had a few tossers here who have been a little bizzarre; but they don't hang here long.


So I stayed. I know withouta shadow of a doubt that the people here realy care. I also know that every PETA activist I have ever met have in common that they have no belief or value of animals. That disturbs me very much.


I went to a party tonight where the lady who threw it had just had a fox back from a taxidernist, She tried to nurse tha animal after a road hit for 2 weeks; and has some veterinary experience; but depite her best efforts the fox died. She had it stuffed because it was so beautiful. I could only imagine how hostile PETA people would be to that concept; but here was a lady in the local hunt who cried her eyes out when the fox died. She has preserved him because she values and respects him. I find that beautiful; as was the fox frozen in time in a real position.


So I know hunting people; I know mative people; I know how pro animal they are; the efforts they go to to preserve habitats for animals. I find fur people to be the same: thye value animlas.


Netter to love a fur for years and respect the animla it has come form than down a burger or kill an animals on the road for nothing.


If fur was cruel I would not be here. I also think that most of us here share that belief because many of us have seen how well fur farmed animlas are kept next to meat animlas. I have problems eating meat; my girlf is completely vegetarian; so are several of our friends. None of us have any problem with fur or hunting.


I hope you to will come to share the vision of supporting something which has protected the panet and habitats for centuries; yet modern life; complete with its alienated from nature morality, threatens all our beautiful bio diversity.


If you touch real fur that has been well farmed or lived free; you will instantly know this is good karma. Plastics/synthetics on touch...if you are truthful...you know are bad karma.

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