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Here is you chance guys!


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I've just had this really professional Email sent to me;


Sensationall revoolution in medicine!


E''nlarge your p''enis up to 10 cm or up to 4 inches!


Its h'erbal solution what hasnt side effect, but has 100% guaranted results!


Dont lose your chance and but know wihtout doubts, you will be impressed with results!


Clisk here: http://thurstonappraisal.net



co femineity coliform covercharge nile radii propelled tweed

ultimatum isabel cudbear gondolier rayleigh civilization wafer egalitarianism


I sent off for my order straight away DUH!

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I get like half a dozen of those a day. Some appear to have viruses attached...be careful.


Errr...the emails that is not my "enlargement"

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I was wondering if they mean four inches in circumference; bit of a bummer if your penis is only an inch long.

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Check out my story "Errotic Furry Tale" for the ultimate tool.


Something about being big as a tree trunk with the bark still attached.


Said too much already.




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