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Hello fur lovers

Jeni Love

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Hello very special people,


Its about time I rejoined my favorite fur place on

the web, well besides Mr Mockles.... and send compliments for all your

hard work. Many of you know me and know that Im upfront about my

crossdressing. For those of you who dont Im a hetero male who has let

the power of furs bring out my feminine side, so im not trying to fool

anyone. Being honest with myself has been a mind blowing experiance...

Let the special powers of devine fur be, and see what happens....



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Hello again Jeni, and welcome back to the world of fur!! Do hope you stay awhile, and enjoy yourself here too!!



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Jeni, let me add my WELCOME on your return to The Fur Den!!! We've always enjoyed your company as well as your thoughtful contributions!


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HMmmmmmmmmmmm so how can one express all the above welcoming messages differently....




AHhhhhhh.... nope......................




bugger it...... Welcome Back Jenni... and may you have added to your closet in your absence.

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Thanks all for being so openminded and accepting. My DOM GG

Girlfriend as accepted and encourges my fem side and has allowed

Jeni back out of the closet where she has been BANGING quite loudly

for sometime now..MY GF loves Fur and hopefully will allow a few photos

of her to be posted in the near future..."G" rated of course.

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With all thoes furs I think Jenni should start her owen web site. She can call it (Jenni's closet). She can have some of her friends model the furs. Just a thought.

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