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Iy's terrible this long waiting !


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Hello ! Everyday a try my login and passward, to the gallery and every I have the same message ! It's long one month !

Please , who can help me ! I'm so impatient to see pics ! And of course post new pic too ....

Pleassssssssssssssssse !


Thank you again , for all the work do !



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It's really important that you, as a new member, and even the rest of us "old timers" not just read this forum, but the other forums too.


This is especially true of the forum named "thefurden.com". Why? Because there you'll find important news about this website that just may answer any of the questions that one might have.


That's the case here. If you will check, you'll see that on Sunday, starting at 18.00GMT, the gallery will be down as all the user ids and passwords are to be re-loaded. As a matter of fact, White Fox was good enough to alert everyone to this. His post appears right underneath yours (at the time this response was written, of course!!!).


Explore the site, there's a wealth of fun, information and just plain interesting stuff in all of our forums!



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Hello !


Thank you for your answer , but we are monday, and I always can't access tu the gallery snifffffffffffffff !


World is hard !


have a nice day !

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