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St.Moritz white turf

Guest touchofsable

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I have put a big selection update of st.moritz furs in the gallery.


A few people have been asking me about when the best time to go is etc.

The racing is held usually the first three sundays in february.

The last weekend is the big one, but all are good.


Be warned...the horels are very expensive but if you saty at Pontresina or Samedan its 10 minutes on the train or bus or taxi and the hotels are very nice and from about 100 to 200 euros a night. The one we stay in in Pontresina has a subsidised 7 course dinner for 29 euros each.


Then we know a great little restaurant/bar in st.moritz where all the racing people hang out that is reasonable too.


The races are cheap to get in if you dont want a grandsatnd seat...you can see more from walking to the bend and its exciting.


You fly to Zurich and then take the train to Chur, change for the train to st.moritz there....its beautiful especially if you get the restaurant car.


You can certainly wear your furs with pride there....in fact you look out of place without one. 8 years ago there were about 200 furs. Now its more like 2 to 3000.


Who is coming?

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nice shots touch, and worth the wait!


that is one place i will go to one day... i've made a promise to myself about that. mountains, furs and lovely women (and men in furs!) everywhere... what is better?

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plenty of sable lynx and mink. Also some nice fox pics from cheltenham races in the UK.


Plenty for fans of smoking in fur too!


Also may I ask the mods if its possible to post a couple of temprary pics of the racing and polo and skijoring so people can see if they are thinking of going? After all thats what the real attraction is; and believe me never mind how much you are into fur it is spectacular. Say two of each just to give the feel of the events?

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