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New Equine Venerial Disease?

Worker 11811

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So, I was browsing the internet and I found this article on CONTAGIOUS EQUINE METRITIS.


Appearently, it's a relatively new venerial disease, found only in horses.

Although the mortality rate is low, it can cause sterility in some horses. Thoroughbreds seem to be especially susceptible.


Inflamation and discharge seem to be among the main symptoms but, often, the swelling spreads throughout the entire hindquarters of the affected animal. The associated pain from the disease often causes an abnormal gait when it runs or trots.


Most horses who contract it can be diagnosed, simply, by listening to the difference in the sound of its hoofbeats as it trots along.


Because of this, most vetrinarians and horse breeders are often heard referring to this disease as:


"The Clippity-Clapp!"



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These sorts of afflictions to Pure Breed and Genetically Narrowed species is very common.


You can start with corn and work your way up the food chain. To enhance one set of characteristics inevitably weakens others. Modern corn strains have to be protected from molds and other hostile agents to get those fat, high yield kernels the native plant is immune to.




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