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What is it about furs anyway?


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I don't know if this is the right place to post this question, so I apologize if it's not. I've noticed that my attraction for furs is very intense and stronger than any other sexual desire that I have. Oddly enough additionally, the fur doesn't even have to be worn for it to turn me on.


Don't get me wrong, I much prefer a fur to be worn by an attractive woman or a t-girl, but I can get very turned on by seeing a gorgeous sable, crystal fox or lynx on a hanger or hanging across the back of a chair. I know that sort of depersonalizes my lust, but even though I love fur, it is strengthened by an attractive woman. That being said, the ambiguity for me is, does the fur make the woman or does the woman (or t-girl) make the fur??


So here's the question for me. What is it about furs anyway. Why do I have this insatiable desire to see an inanimate object draped over a woman's shoulders that simply keeps her warm. And why do so few women share that same desire?


For me, and I suppose others, the fact that a fur is from an animal has impact on my lust. I cannot get a thrill from a fake fur. I guess this is becauase fake furs are not soft, they do not have the same sheen and richness that real furs have and they are cheap. That leads me to another point. As much as I hate to admit this, the fact that quality furs cost thousands of dollars has some impact for me. I honestly have no interest in cheap furs. I love huge, sumptuous furs that envelop the wearer in luxury. The larger the collar, the more voluminous the sleeves, the longer the length and the fuller the bulk, the more I love her (it).


For me there is also a sort of esoteric lust of the women who characteristically wear furs. Typically they are wealthy, powerful (or partners of powerful men) and confident. I sort of hate to admit this too, but NOTHING turns me on more than a woman who is wearing a fur who is getting out of or getting into an expensive car such as a Lexus, Mercedes, Cadillac or big SUV. Why I have this attraction to rich, fur wearing women is a mystery, but in my case it is undeniable. Is it the power? Is it the wealth? I don't know but I know this sounds very superficiial. Would I be as attracted to a woman in fur if I knew she drove a Yugo? Yes, I would be, but I have to admit my attraction would be exponentially higher if I knew she drove a new Caddy.


I am particularly fond of women who have bought their own furs. While I recognize that few women share the lust for furs that men have, they still buy their furs despite political correctness and the fact that they are expensive. In other words, when a woman buys a fur for herself, I think she has a sense of vanity that I adore. I could go on and on about that aspect, but I don't want to offend.


Sorry to ramble on in this, but this is something I'd like to discuss. If others have comments about this, please let me know. I'm as curious about discovering why I have these desires and if others do also. Again, if I'm in the wrong forum, I apologize.

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Can you think of some sort of "Precipitating Event" that might help explain your attraction?


According to the common body of understanding there is often some precipitating event (or series of events) that triggers a fetish.


A common example goes thus:

If, during one of a person's first sexual encouters, in his/her formative years, if some object is present during the moment of passion it can become a fetish object. The more times (or the more intense the event) in which the fetish object appears the more intense the fetish attraction becomes. Over the years, the more times the fetish object appears during a sexual encouter, the more the fetish is reinfoced.


Another common explaination says that a fetish is an attempt to compensate for some perceived loss or inadequacy in a person's life.


I'll use myself as an example:

When I was young I had a Teddy Bear that I slept with every night. One day my Mother thought I was too old for Teddy Bears so she took him away before I was ready. Now, later in life, I overcompensate by having 1,000 Teddy Bears all over my house.


In real life it's not always so cut and dried. It's usually not possible to say, "Here! At this place and time, I had an encounter with a woman wearing fur and she gave me a fetish!"


On the other hand, if you look back over your life, you may notice a subtle series of events that lead up to the resultant fetish.


When you get right down to it, who gives a rat's a$$ why you have a fetsih?


Here are some rules to think about:


1) If you can live your life in a mostly normal way, but for the fur.


2) If you aren't hurting yourself or anybody else.


3) As long as you don't indulge your fetish with anybody who isn't a consenting adult.


4) As long as you don't indulge your fetish in inappropriate places.


5) As long you don't commit other kinds of deviant acts or break any laws in the course of indulging your fetish.


If you don't transgress those boundaries there's no reason you can't love fur as much as you want! It's nobody's business but your own. (And that of your fetish partner if you have one.)


If you have problems with those rules, maybe you should get some help before it gets out of hand and you get into trouble. But, if you don't have any problems, there's no reason you can't love fur as much as you like!


Honestly, I wouldn't waste time over analyzing myself as to why I like fur. I don't care why. I just DO! 8)


OH! BTW! Try >>> THIS LINK to Wikipedia <<<

It explains things better than I can.


Also try >>> THIS LINK <<<

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A good answer worker.


I would also like to add my two cents worth, and to do that I will have to look at what makes men attractive to women, and then the meaning of fetishism and why it is an important cultural manifestation.


Various tests have shown that women respond to men that have percieved power, personality, wealth, strength etc. Why scientists had to work out that those factors are more important than looks is beyond me...its obvious.

The desire for sex is subconsciously the desire to pass on ones genes. To do this requires a partner that can provide security . So a powerful man...whether in business, physical stature or dominant personality ensures that. So women are often attracted to men like Sven Goran Ericsson over some cute better looking guy without the social stature.


Well I would argue that men are the same. We want a woman who has some degree of power too. That neednt be wealth.....in fact, its often better if the woman is not wealthy. However, the urge to have a partner that has some "power"...whether thats her being a great cook, a strong maternal instict, or a good homemaker is often stronger than just looks.

However, there is the attraction to a woman who has power in business, or success, just like a woman is attracted to a man with such qualities.


Then there are those of us who for putting the fur on the wife/girlfriend is an act of success ...for both partners. Its the bringing hime the bacon (hunted animal) scenario. In primitive cultures women are attracted to the best hunter. They secure her furs for her and the baby and food on the table. These are primally necessary drives for all humans...and to deny that is denial of human nature.


Now sometimes that gets warped....a car replaces a horse, an expensive house a home of hides, an expensive dress a fur.

In all aspects of human society such abhorrations of what human nature is occurs. So for example, spear chucking team work in bringing down an animal is replaced by football. The hunting instinct is still massively important but we have civilised it into a bizarre ritual.


well I believe some of us are more in touch with our true nature. So we are attracted to fur, as something which has been wrapped up with human sexuality for tens of thousands of years. We are just more honest, maybe even more in tune with nature.

So when we have sex with a woman in fur its a celebration of our hunting ability, and for her the climax of securing a lover who has demonstrated providing. If the woman provides her own furs then she is hunter herself; which gives her the amazonian allure.


Now fetishism we usually think of as being sexual. But it is merely the exageration of something giving it symbolic meaning. Iconism. So for example a teddy bear that has been taken to early has a significance to worker though that isnt sexual. Another mna could prize a football shirt, or a woman a doll. In primitive societies certain animlas are given a symbolic meaning, manifesting themselves in totems and artwork. A horse to me has an incredible power that has more to do with what it represents than maybe its intrinsic nature. I am in this way fetishistic about horses...though not sexually at all.


So we need to think about fur and fetish. Because of its value to man for thousands of years, it should have fetishistic value. That need not be sexual as such. However, as it is something that is culturally important to us, a fur can have a powerful sexual effect on many exposed to its power at any early age...so we get attracted to the fur as a sexual object too. It becomes programmed in the same way as other sexual fetish. So for example with me, smoking , which is something associated with maturity and rights of passage, has accidentally become an icon of desire signifying a female who I should want to mate with. The women I saw while growing up that were clearly different and desirable from younger girls, were the ones I got programmed to want to mate with. That is correct. I was merely iconising signals of maturity in women that were clearly mature and powerful enough to have my genes!!!


Sexual fetishism is only a problem when something that should not have ever had this iconism gets programmed in by accident.

Crutches for example, or warm pavements, or bestiality or attraction to children. These are all innappropriate, and the result of bad timing and misinterpretation subconsciously by male or female at a time of puberty.


On the other hand, Fetishism about high heels relate to a female being up on her hocks (thanks Tryxie) and breasts being clearly female id and also possibly a good mother. So its correct we can and should be attacted to some of these things.

So to me fur, stilletoes, lipstick, things that draw attention to female sexuality (smoking, suspenders, corsets,gloves etc) are all fairly normal and certainly nothing to worry about.


In fact, I would even argue that somebody who gasnt hot some degree of some aspect pf these fetishes are probably the peverse ones. Fur has been an important pre requisite of human mating rirual for thousands of years. its normal. Its PETA who are perverse.

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The subtilties and intricacies of this set of questions and observations is so intricate and was discussed at such extreme length over a year ago back at Melody I decided not to delve into the subject further in this forum other than an occasional brief remark or comment.


Not that I am avoiding the subject but I discovered quickly there is simply not enough space. The thread back then went for weeks and went from top to bottom and side to side of the issue with, to my feeling, no real or totally satisfactory answer(s) or conclusions. It's as complex as life itself.


That is why I had chosen to write stories about it. I'm still writing and haven't begun to exhaust the possibilities.


Worker has engaged in this quest as well though we haven't discussed our writing quite from this angle before I'm sure he will agree with this perspective.



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I might phase the original question a bit differently. In stead of asking simply, "What is it about furs," I would extent the question to, "What is it about furs that is different from most other fetish objects?"


For me, it is the missing point in the preceding dialog. Simply put, fur feelings fabulous!


I think that as a fetish object, fur can come with all of the complex and not so complex interpretations and connections, some of which as described above. However, fur processes the unique aspect that for fetishist and non-fetishist alike, it is tactilely sensual.


I am quite certain that the vast majority of men and women that I have seen stroke one of my wife

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Simply put .. I think that fur is such an ingrained part of our psyche as a mammal descendent that to think of fur in any other way is counter intuitive and runs completely against our genetic makeup. Doin' it like two minks!!


If we had reptillian ancestry we would be talking about Alligator and Snake hide fetishes.


This is why PeTA is way on the loosing side with fur. They should stick to reptiles. They will have great success.




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You havent seen what my alligator jacket does for women. Hwever as it was a gift from a friend who killed the said beast in the Amazon after it attacked a boatful of native children, and he lilled it with his bare hands, I usually avoid wearing it when he is around as then they suddenly get attracted to him instead for some strange reason.


Tactile SF fur yes of course. But all the senses are stimulated by fur. Even the way it brings comfort by absorbing sound.

I am not personally sexually aroused by its touch so much as the aura it gives to a beautiful woman..though I like it when women are!

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However, fur processes the unique aspect that for fetishist and non-fetishist alike, it is tactilely sensual.


I think you are right sf. It really can be as simple as that. Simply the fabulous feeling of fur


I'm always intrigued that in lists of fetish objects, furs are often not even mentioned. I think fur is on the border of being a fetish/normal object simply because it can stand alone as being just sensual and that is all. The sexual thing is that we all are drawn towards sensuality in sex. Hence in sex, the touch of a woman is sensual and stimulating. A woman in furs is therfore twice as sensual. And women often use furs to enhance their own sensuality, and attract a man to them. (if that is power, then so be it), but I believe that's as far as it goes.


Lets face it, man or woman, it's just great to be sensually caressed

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Thank you for all of the responses! I really didn't expect any replies so it was nice to see some other perceptions. I did have some experiences early in life that led to the fetish, but what I really was getting at was more about the type of women (or t-girls) that I'm attracted to in furs. I guess I didn't really make that clear intially. Speaking of T-girls, when are we going to see an update at beautifulfurs.com Eric? Hope you're well btw.


Anyway, if anyone else cares to pontificate, I'm interested in chatting further. Take care all.

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For me, status has a part to play but it is the warmth and pleasure aspects of fur that are most important.


I understand that quality fur is expensive and to get quality you have to pay. That's about the limit of the status aspect for me.


Having recently just bought a fur for my wife, I have discovered another aspect about fur that makes me happy. It makes me feel successful because I can buy something so nice and warm and soft and sexy for somebody I care about.


She's really happy to be getting a nice fur and that makes ME happy!

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For me from the beginning it was all about pleasure


Later when I became comfortable over others knowing about my predilection for furs it became a matter of comfort and warmth ... everywhere





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