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Mr Barguzin

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For those who are interested in Rugby, I thought... why not have a htread dealing just with it *grin*. Now, I know that there is no real Rugby being played in the Northern Hemispere at the moment, but down south..... well, the Tri-Nations has been up and running for three weeks.


Round One:

NZ thrashed Australia in Christchurch (Don't want the score on permanent record *grin*)

Australia Thrashed South Africa 49-0.... Record loss and record win.

NZ (b's) beat SA 35-17


Points (I think)

NZ 10

Au 5

SA 0


Two more rounds to go... and this weekend its NZ v Aust in Brisbane.

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i`m from germany and as you say rugby isn't realy popular. but it exsists(hope that's the right spelling).

at least me, i do play rugby as a tighthead prop in the 2. Bundesliga. means second division. unfortunatly we cannot watch rugby on tv.

i'd be happy if that thread would go on.

greets tightheadfur

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Mr. B.



THX that is good news, last years Tri Nations was spoiled by the Boks playing a bit ruff and bad refereeing.


Keep us posted, I am in Bush country now and they only do sissy games here.


Can you give us times so I can try online at rugby.com.


Much obliged Jimme

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Well, the bloody Kiwis hang on... or rather we Aussies managed to kill off our own scoring opportunities in the dying moments of the game.


Final Score: NZ 13 AUST 9


Will say that for once the Kiwis did look rattled on occassions... but gee the hung in there..... unfortunately.


For Aussie rules fans, the Swannies won... and so did the Rabbitoes... 2nd win of the season, but still guaranteed the wooden spoon. AH well, two otta three ain't bad...


Now, where's me lotto ticket? There's a coat I's interested in WEG

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Australia 20 South Africa 18


Next week NZ V SA..... one round then to go, and it's between Aust and the Kiwis...


Hmmmmmmmmmm an Aussie cheering on the South Africans?? Well, there's gotta be a first time fur everything, ain't there?

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hi everyone im new here so still finding my way around. mr b i come from the current home of the bledisloe. but live in the lucky country. all the best for next game in auckland. kiwis are all very happy george is still playing.

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Welcome Jaysun


Ah well, can't pick our country of birth , can we *grin*


As for little Georgie.... there are times when a sportsman can go to bat just that once too many. Unfortunately for george, the next game will be not a repeat, nor a three-peat, but damn boy, just when ARE you gunna bow out gracefully. We will LONG remember THAT tackle in the corner, but THAT tackle was LONG LONG ago.


HEll, Even JOEY knows he isn't infallible. (mixing codes there folks *grin*)

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Ahh Mr B. It takes a looser of a World Cup to keep going on about the game. Not long till 2007 and England to retain the Gold trophy (ok ok , stop your choking cos your laughing too much.......)


Always good to see George G getting older and older.


Go 'All Blacks' I say......., well I have to have something to argue with my family about....



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  • 2 weeks later...

Hi Jimme


Sorry for the delay, but at least I have now found a place to allow you to keep up to date *grin*


The following is thedraw/results page for the Tri-Nations:




Within the pages are the links to the game details..... sooooooo I won't bore you with the result of this afternoon's game.


If the link doesn't work, let me know.

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THX, happy to see Oz got 27 points out of it this time.

It is so frustrating to see them win big time over SA and then sort of

lose the pace.


Maybe next time.


Cheers Jimme

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