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A Bear With No Name

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Say "Hello" to our new Bear!


He's made of alpaca fur and he's REALLY soft! He makes your fingers tingle when you touch him!


We got him from >> Exotic Imports <<

Thanks to Earandil for telling us about him!!


So, now we have a problem. What do we name him?


Usually, we come up with a list of names and let the Bear pick his or her own name but he hasn't liked any of the ones we've come up with.


"Al Paca" was out right from the beginning. So were "Whitey", "Fluffy", "Furball", "Fuzzy" and names like that. He REALLY didn't like being called "Poof!"

("I like girl Bears!" he growled at us.)


Since it was somebody from the Fur Den who helped us find the Bear in the first place, we figure somebody from the Den might be able to help us pick a name.


Anybody got suggestions?


Remember, the Bear gets final say in picking his own name. Humans can only suggest the names.


Oh! Just so you can see him better, HERE'S a picture of him getting his first hug.

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I'd ask him what he thinks of Oddjob. When I saw him he immediatley reminded me of this big Asian guy with the metal-bowler in the James Bond film Goldfinger.

Definitely one Bear other Teddy Bears shouldn't start any trouble with .



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Bit simplistic How about "Al" (alpaca - groan), or short for albert einstein who was also pretty hairy


Lincoln? another great man with hair around his face


hmm let me think about this


Why dont you just ask him?

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A bear with no name?


What would Eli Wallach call him? My guess would be put him in a poncho and call him "Blondi".


"There two kinds of people in this life; the ones with guns and those who dig".


Now the other bears may call him a feelthy steenkin gringo bas**** but he aint going to do any digging.

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I think you're right, Mr. B.


There actually is quite a well known precedent for Bears from Peru. Can you guess?



Furry hugs to you if you guessed Paddington Bear from "Darkest Peru"!


Sometimes, this Bear naming thing takes a while.


Most Bears have names when they are made. Their maker often puts it on their "Tush Tag". Bears made by Gund almost always have their names on their tags. We generally refer to the name on their tush tag as their "Species". In other words, if the tag says "Snuffles - 10" that is a ten inch tall Bear of the Snuffles species. We usually give the Bear another name to go along with his/her species name. Many times the name is a variation of the species.


We have several "Snuffles" Bears. They all have different names, even if they are variations: "Mommy Snuff" "Baby Snuff", etc. We have a 36 inch Snuffles named "Giant Snuff" and there's one even bigger than that who likes to be called "Godzilla Snuff"!'


Alpaca Bear was hand made so he doesn't have a tush tag. (We're pretty certain it's a boy Bear. No! We don't check! How would YOU like it if somebody... um... never mind...) So, we don't have an "official" species name to go on.


Just to illustrate:


Melanie has a small 4 inch Bear she keeps in her purse. She called it her "Carry Bear" for a while. He just hung out in the purse and rode along everywhere Melanie went. One day, he popped his head out and a woman saw him and asked what the Bear's name was. Well, he didn't actually have a name until that moment when Melanie looked at him and he looked back at Melanie. Suddenly she blurted out, "His name is Cary! Like Cary Grant! Because he's my 'Carry Bear!'"


So, from that day forth, the Bear's name was "Cary".


I think the Peruvian angle is where we'll head. Maybe we should check to see if Paddington had any friends down in Peru.

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