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White Fox

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Folks, very shortly you will begin to see posts in this forum and others that begin with << Expert's Post>>. This "Flag might be in the thread title or just on top of a single message in a thread or one of many. The messages will also be in dark blue.


I mentioned yesterday the amount of experience that our crew of experts here actually have. Now these folks are allowed to point out that they have somewhat more than an average knowledge in matters in a certain post by flagging it that way. You will notice that this will often lead to discussions among the Experts as working with fur is not always a process where everyone does everything the same. But this will be all part of the fun here and part of what will be a great new learning process for all of us.


So folks, if you see a post in dark blue labeled this way it is probably a message that you might pay special attention to as that member posting it has probably a better knowledge in that area than most here.


The Experts will also have their own home to post on topics under a new setup that allows for much more informative posts. But that topic is for another day.


So, if you see an <> please realize that this info is coming from someone with experience in this great industry. And please remember to thank these people now and then for the help that they are giving us here.


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