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"Family History"

Mr Barguzin

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So, I was reading another post at another site.... and it suddenly dawned on me as I was typing a never finished reply.... why not here?


It is a fairly simple concept... and might be enlightening to all and sundry. So, here goes (and the following will give an insight as to what sort of replies are expected.... I hope):


It all began for me back in early 1996... when I popped into a video store to hire a video and saw that they had a rather strange looking "game" available. It was set up not unlike video games of the period and had this strange word on the side: Internet.


I took the plunge and bought 15 minutes time... and there I was... wondering what to do next when this search engine miraculously appeared and I entered one word: FUR


Well, Webcrawler return a list of pages and as I clicked on the links... some were dead, but one was alive.... NTCweb... and halleluja brothers (and sisters) I was saved and NOT alone!!


Did some figuring and lo and behold I could afford a PC to use at home.... So I bought the acer DX66 and then a modem... and then..... discovered the World Wide Web of fur.


A couple of years later, along with Ms Barguzin, I set up Barguzin's Favourite Furs.... then came the Adult section at the long forgotten.... yeah even I can't remember that failed dot.Com company LOL.. then came the dephi forum, following BrGr's lead... and joined Melody and Fur Fashion Guide and a couple of PFV sites that offered "fresh" stuff... and I believe that one still exists in the form of the fur/sweater site.


And now this place... a work in progress. Hopefully no more moves... cause I ain't as young as I used ta be... and all those new passwords and log-in details can be a bit of a pain, especially if I am ever able to update the current system used.


There are sites that are now but a memory... and some I have heard about but didn't get to see in their prime... or lifetime. Folks have come and gone... or split personalities WEG. Or been the same person but under another monicker.


But that is life on the net.. an adventure, a realisation, a never ending story (all I need is to find the right magical dragon *grin*)

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