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Am I the only one?


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I feel a bit funny asking this but as far as I know many people who are attracted to fur are attracted to leather and wool as well. I like leather, turtlenecks and boots but it's no fetish for me. What is -beside from fur- are thick downjackets/coats.

I'm really wondering if some of you're feeling the same way or if I'm only a bit stranger then the rest? Replies would be very much appreciated.


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Two things here.

#1. First I want to say welcome to the Den just as Refur has just done. I think that you will find many friends here.

#2. If you look down below you will see a forum called the "Melody Emergency Forum". Now then, there is a reason that is here. These are folks who have an attraction to wool much like we have to fur. Originally we were all on a site called Melody, but due to technical problems the fur site came here. Then, when those folks had problems they came for a short stay as well.


In short, there was a wood side of Melody and a fur side. That is no coincidence. You are not allone! Those folks in that wool emergency forum love to hear from new members as well. Go down and have a look and say a quick "Hello".


Believe me you are not alone!

White Fox

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Yeah .. no one else on the planet feels that way!!


That's the way I felt for way too long.


Welcome to furland.




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I'm really wondering... if I'm only a bit tard stranger then the rest?


Welcome to the Den, Yogi!


No! You are NOT stranger than the rest!

Take it from me. My house is populated with over 1,000 Teddy Bears!

(No, I'm NOT kidding you! )


Think of the problem in terms of statistics. There is an "average" range of things that people like or dislike. Then there is a continuum above and below that average within which most people's tastes lie. Then there is that range of behaviors and tastes that are still considered within the "normal" range but are outside that narrow band where the average person resides.


In any random sample of people, if the sample is not skewed one way or another, a graph of that population will produce a characteristic bell-shaped curve. A subset of those samples that fall within plus/minus one Standard Deviation of the mathematical mean of that population covers approximately 70% of the area under the graph.


People who love things like furs or wool or goose down or Teddy Bears or even Spandex clothes often seek tactile gratification from those articles. There is NOTHING wrong with that! NOTHING!!


People who seek tactile gratification from things like that lie, in my esitmation, at about the 75-80 percentile range. Because of the way most people in society seek comfort in common likes/dislikes, those who do not fall within the average are often viewed as eccentric or flambouyant.


I call this "Living more than one Standard Deviation away from the mean."


As long as you are not hurting yourself or others with your behavior, there is no reason you shouldn't be allowed to do whatever pleases you.


If I may politely add. -- Should a person's tastes excite a sexual urge there is STILL no problem with that as long as:


1) Those activities are done only with people who are consenting adults.

2) Said consenting adults perform their activities out of the public eye. (i.e.: In the privacy of their own homes.)


So, to sum it all up: As long as nobody gets hurt, consenting adults should be allowed to do whatever they want in the privacy of their own homes.


Don't let people marginalize you because you live outside that "One Standard Deviation" band.


P.S.: Love your avatar!

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Hello ILOVEFURTOO, most in the den know this about me but I will tell it again. I like fur (jackets, strollers, coats, etc...) of all types. I like leather (jackets, strollers, coats, etc...) with fur trim. I especially like suede coats trimmed in fur, that really gets me going . As far as sweaters, I really don't have a thing for them, never have, but there are some very nice ones out there. Well anyway that's a brief description of me and what I like .

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Everyone who spent his time with helping me on this one: a big thank you! Especially Worker 11811 - that really is a great article you wrote (by the way, have you given all your 1000 Teddy Bears names yet?).


I didn

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Within the population of people who love fur your tastes are not that far off center.


People who love fur -- tactile gratification seekers, if you will -- often like more than one source of gratification. I am a prime example. I love Teddy Bears. I love fur. (Fur Teddy Bears! WOW! )


I also have a big, fluffy down comforter for the bed. We don't use it during the hot summer but, when the weather gets cooler, we sleep with it as much as possible. It's so neat to look at it when it's all fluffed up on top of the freshly made bed! And it's so yummy when you hop into bed at night!

If we could find a fur duvet cover it would be like Heaven!


Sweaters and leather are nice. If the mood is right and the article(s) are nice enough, I'm sure I could "go for" my wife wearing a big, fluffy sweater!


Nobody else here has mentioned weather they like it but I also think Spandex is pretty yummy. Get a hot looking babe in some Spandex panties and dress her in a big, soft, fluffy fur and you've got MY attention!


So, in short, fur loving or loving sweaters or goose down or leather may be slightly more than

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