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Video featuring voluminous black Mongolian Lamb coat


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Hello there!


I've been an anonymous for about three years now mainly because I yet can follow English but have a hard time writing it (let alone speaking it ). The reason why I joined now after all is obviously for the gallery, but I'd like to take the opportunity and thank the builders of this page and all the ones who contribute regularly and keep this page very vivid. I enjoyed the last years a lot and I guess together with the gallery it only can get even better. 8)

I found a very nice music-video on YouTube today. It features a beautiful woman wearing a voluminous black Mongolian Lamb coat:


PS Call me Yogi (like the bear).

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Hmm Yogi, eh?? "Better than the average human bear " *grin*


Welcome to the Den...trust that this will be the first of many posts.... and don't worry about getting everything right, order wise. If it appears too screwy, we'll get BrGr to translate for us WEG

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