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Didn't leave the fur store empty handed!

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We didn't buy a fur today but we didn't leave the fur store empty handed.



We came home with this furry friend: >> Meet Tai Shan! << (Pronounced: "Tie-Shawn".)


We named him after the new panda cub who was born, last year, at the National Zoo in Washington D.C. (The real Tai Shan just had his first birthday last week!


Our Tai Shan is about 15 inches from head to tail. And, he looks just like the real Tai Shan! (About as real as a Teddy Bear can look, anyway. ) We got a really good price on him! He was originally $150 and he would have been a good deal at that price.

We paid less than $90! -- Total STEAL!


He's made of real lapis fur. We think he's adorable. He is SOOOOOO soft!


He rode on Malanie's lap almost the whole ride home, in the car!

I couldn't tell who was enjoying it more! My wife or the Bear?


Okay... So we didn't walk away from the sales lady at the fur store without at least a small sale!


This is just one of Melanie's "Birthday Bears"!

There's another Bear on the way. He should be here on Friday... But it's a secret! Don't tell!

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