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question bout pics


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From ROBINFUR on the old Den, posted on Fri Sep 03, 2004

(thanks )


"Hello everyone,


I do happen to have the secret that will enlarge the photos from FBLG. As it is, it is really quite simple and has escaped everyone for a while now.


Actually, I found that someone else had already been on the right track and whom already had found some of the proper links to enter and enjoy the larger pics. I experimented a bit and found that it really isn't all that hard. Be aware that some shots are humungous and are upwards of 400 to over 1000kb!


The format works pretty much the same for all the pics. Only having to change each of the photos registry numbers and the year in which the photo is listed within the url.


First, be sure to open up a new browser window and enter this link to the real FBLG index. This will show you all of the different years of fur photos. Go to:




Note: if this does not work just copy and paste this url listed again below into the new browser window address line (this way you can paste the examples I listed for each year, which will probably work better to show what is going on) :




I have included some pic. examples, and perhaps after a while you will "get the big picture" yourself! Just remember to stay with the given format and experiment with each year. In concern for the oldest of the FBLG photos from their very first year of 2001, many won't work with the format though, due to some differences in the registry numbers and such... oh well, that's life!


Here goes and be sure to only change each of the pics. registry numbers and their corresponding year. Most important, be aware that what appears to be a "number one" after each of the pics. registry number in the url, is in fact a "small letter l" (opposed to a large L). Otherwise, you won't get the photo to pop up and it will error out! You'll see....


For examples of 2004, which by the way are actually the latest version of their pics. Because 2005 really isn't out yet... sorry to have to correct on this one too, but we will all just have to wait for them to be posted:






Examples of 2003:





Examples of 2002:





Examples of 2001:





Hopes this helps to acquire some massive fur shots to drool over. Oh yummy time!


Enjoy! -ROBINFUR "



Source: http://www.melody.myqth.com/forums/viewtopic.php?t=11107&highlight=fblg


Examples of 2005:




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Dear sable-mink,


you must be very happy, your girlfriend is incredibly beautiful. My compliments. I wonder if I may ask you to post your avatar in the gallery or maybe even another photo or two of her? This way I'd be very happy too. Anyway, enjoy yourself.



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Big thanks to Lucifur for posting those pics!! If you have more please post them.


According to Mikhails forum, the pics were available on FBLG for a short period of time in early August, then they changed over to the lil pink squares. I'm hoping Lucifur grabed them all before the went poof.



Thanks again!!

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Sorry, those are the only ones I got before the pink square thing. I had always just assumed they would be available for download, so I was in no rush to get the whole collection, you know? Then *poof*


I guess fblg didn't like people mass-downloading 800KB-3MB files.


So, the only thing to do is wait to see if they come back up in the future. My guess is that they just renamed them to something else, or there's a referal check on their server (unless you're coming from one of their approved sites, you just get a pink square)


Hmmm. Must investigate.

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