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***Important. ALL New Members, Please Read!

White Fox

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Attention all new members.


Information about seeing pictures in the Gallery for the first time and how to post there is now in FAQ.


Please have a look at that site immediately. Also, please check out "Styles" while there.


It is important that you read all of the top section of FAQ as soon as possible.


Thanks all.

White Fox


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Even though this site is mainly all Fur will there be a possibilty of a Sweater Gallery in the future? Thanks for making the Fur Gallery it is very nice.Love to see those 80's era furs and the E-bay is nice too.Thanks Viper:)

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Hey, Viper!


Always good to see you around!


At the present time, I don't foresee expanding the Den to include a "woolies" side. Because of our very close friendships with JoeAl and Walter, we have extended an emergency forum for sweater freaks here in the Den. I believe that plans are being made for you guys to have a new home now that Melody is just a memory, but I can't say for sure. Just know that as long as you guys need us, we're here for you as a temporary refuge - a "home away from home," as it were . . .



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Viper and Wool folks.

I just want to add that we really hate to see you folks stranded way down at the bottom here. We even talked at one point about moving you to the top, but we were scared that maybe some people might not find you then, and we did not want to add that stress for you.


Indeed, Joe Al and Walter are looking at some different avenues at the moment. Rest assured that you will have a home for good! They believe as well as we that you folks deserve your own nice spot that is reliable and has everything working. As such it will probably not be on this site as BrGr mentioned. Simply because you deserve a place of your own.


However, rest assured that you will have a home! Hopefully before long.



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