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Rob Zombie" Never Gonna Stop" Video

Guest beautifulfurs.com

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In Rob Zombies "Never Gonna Stop" (The Red ,Red Koovey" video which is a take off of "A Clockwork Orange" Robs Wife Sheri Moon is in this massive White fur coat and matching hat. She apperars in the video all over the place in it. This coat is amazing.


You can see the video on his offical site www.robzombie.com or if you get his greatest hits cd "Past,Present & Future" on the extra dvd that comes with it.

I think you all will love it.


* Sheri played baby in house of 1000 corpses*

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I love how the guys carry the tail end of the coat.

That coat is huge & so cool!

Great Rocking Song & Great Babe in Fur all in One!

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