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Great pics...

White Fox

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Do you think we have a great pics area?


Well, already we have people banned from there for a month because they refused to take the few minutes that it would take them to read the message here below.




Folks, let's put this bluntly. If people do not read the rules and we continue to have XXX entries there for instance, Pictures will be banned. That is correct. Pictures will be removed as part of the Den! That is simple reality.


There is no other way to put this. If you want to have pictures in the Den, then read this post CAREFULLY! If you don't want pictures, then don't.


It may sound blunt but that is exactly the way it is!


White Fox


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Please let me add this - I have instructed the admins and the mods that this is a zero tolerance policy. The rules have been posted. You break the rules, you're gone. Period. There is no appellate recourse. This isn't rocket science, folks. I'll be darned if I will let one or two spoil it for all of us!

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I just want to say, THANK YOU! To all involved. I thought the Den was great before. The pic area is amazing, and i have seen tons of great pic's (ebay, retailers) that i have forgotten. It's like revisiting an old friend.


I will hopefully be posting some soon.


Keep up the great work. It is all very much appreciated.


And like i said, THANK YOU...

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Thanks NYC. And thanks to some of our members here we have now close to two thousand photos for you to enjoy!


have fun folks.


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Unfortuantely, with 700 members, all we need is one person to get us into to trouble.


I am continually amazed at how disciplined, courteous and thoughtful a group we are!!


Thank you!!



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